I come from a very artistic background, but also from a family of teachers. When I first moved to New York, I worked at an art gallery and was invited to run a children’s booth for the NADA fair- a fair that was designed to include children in the arts. Watching them explore the materials, ask questions and come of with fascinating projects was the most fun I ever had. I knew I had to follow my heart. When I called my mom and told her I decided to go to graduate school for my teaching certification, her response was “It’s about time- I knew you were a teacher all along!”  It was the best decision I ever made and I have dedicated my career to developing a warm classroom community of learners. While I am passionate about academics, there is nothing I love more than teaching children how to learn and to love learning at the same time! As a Kindergarten teacher, you are a huge impact on a child’s school experience. I absolutely love making it fun by fostering their interests and creating an environment where each child feels safe and wants to take risks and share their love of learning with their peers. To be a part of that is an honor to me.